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Andrew, Aurora

Andrew, Aurora

Masters Student @ London School of Economics


Aurora Andrew is a Masters student studying International Social and Public Policy at the London School of Economics. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Modern European studies (Politics, French and Spanish) from the University of Nottingham. Her research areas of interest explore urbanisation, informality and housing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Aurora also enjoys participating in inter-generational and international policy exchanges. She has represented youth as a member of Chatham House’s Common Futures community, as a delegate for the United Nation’s 65th Commission on the Status of Women, and as a UK housing researcher for Young Fabians.

Geographical location : London, UK

Research Area and Interest : urbanisation, informality and housing in Latin America and the Caribbean

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White Cannibalism in the Transatlantic Context
Summary: Although buried in the archive and despite the unfortunate manner in which Mina enters history, the Arrogante case exposes both the ways in which White cannibalism manifested (i.e. literally, by proxy, endo-matically and auto-matically) in transatlantic waters to the Caribbean and how it was regarded by both Africans and Europeans. As such, the objective of this research essay is to expose these manifestations of White cannibalism, that being the “literal [act] of eating...flesh” for the purpose of White consumption. In turn, the African conception of the White cannibalistic capacity will be confirmed. Before all else, however, it is necessary to probe the origins as well as the developments of the word ‘cannibal.’

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