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Anim-Addo, Anyaa

Anim-Addo, Anyaa

lecturer in Caribbean History @ University of Leeds


Anyaa Anim-Addo is lecturer in Caribbean History at the University of Leeds and a former Caird Research Fellow at Royal Museums Greenwich. She has published on the post-emancipation period in journals including Small Axe, Atlantic Studies, Mobilities and Island Studies. She is a former Vice-Chair of the Society for Caribbean Studies.

Geographical location : Leeds, UK

Research Area and Interest : post-emancipation period

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Space, Time, Place


'Walk me down to the wharf': navigating coloniality in maritime space
Summary: Derek Walcott’s Omeros invokes the wharf as a site of gendered labour, tourist performance and the ‘meeting-up of histories’ (Massey, 2005). This paper develops a previous concern with social and cultural histories of littoral spaces and turns to the wharf in St Lucia and Grenada during a long post-emancipation period in order firstly, to interrogate the intersection of gender, race and class in the maritime world and secondly, to probe the significance of the local within oceanic histories. Engaging with island studies as well as maritime history, I adopt an interdisciplinary approach and examine poetry and images alongside maritime manuscripts to consider the ways in which local, island and oceanic histories were entangled in specific maritime spaces. What stories might be told through the wharf and how might we approach these in public history contexts? What might an interdisciplinary approach add to current awareness of the need to engage ‘decolonial’ debates and practices, including in museum spaces?

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