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García Benavides, Alvaro

García Benavides, Alvaro

Master' student in Literary Studies @ Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Alvaro has been interested in the study of critical reading, Caribbean and Latin American literature and multimodal texts with awarded and published photographs. He is currently a Master's student in Literary Studies at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with research on the Magdalena River and cultural boundaries. He likes stories and playing to make them. He has worked as a researcher and educator in various cultural institutions such as museums, foundations, colleges and universities.

Geographical location : Bogotá, Colombia

Research Area and Interest : Caribbean and Latin American literature, Manuel María Madiedo, photography, museum education

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Traversing the Hispanophone Transatlantic


The coastal baroque in three titles of "Los cuentos de Juana"
Summary: In this article is located the publication Los cuentos de Juana (1972), by writer Alvaro Cepeda Samudio native from Barranquilla, in the Colombian literary panorama. Despite a somewhat cautious initial reception, academic re-readings and recent attention has sought new questions and offered this work a condition of relevance to the present. Amidst the overwhelming modernity of a subaltern country, reaction in art pursued to break molds and dialogue with Latin American and Caribbean fictions. This compendium of objectives fell into the form of the novel and extended the limits of its capacity for experimentation, placing the narrative proposal within a rebellious epistemological horizon typical of the Caribbean. Severo Sarduy's literary tradition and the concepts of writers such as Aimé Césaire and Lezama Lima are fundamental to understanding the scope of this Colombian writer's proposal. This work responds to the problems of the 20th century, starting from local colors that manage to capture national and even continental essences, thanks to literary experimentation and critical attitude. The pieces chosen were “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”, Desde que compró la cerbatana ya Juana no se aburre los domingos, and Sabanilla. . . whose set succeeds in illustrating the narrative characteristics of temporal, syntactic, poetic and critical impact.

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