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Wilks, Latia

Wilks, Latia

Librarian @ Independent


Latia Wilks (they/she) is currently a Librarian. Their work history includes organisations predominantly focused on human rights, equality, and housing as they have always been motivated by the ideals of justice and access when it comes to working. When at school she studied Caribbean History, and went on to study History for CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations); this was followed by a Diploma in Gender & Development Studies from the University of the West Indies, Cavehill. She has also published papers and spoken on Environmental Racism and the Case for Reparations for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (TAST). They value creativity as a form of expression, and trained as a lighting and sound technician for technical theatre. Previously, they have written and produced for poetry and literary showcases. She has acted in short films and commercials, taught herself ukulele, and partaken in international and regional Youth, Queer, and Labour Rights activism.

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Education for Liberation


Education for Liberation
Summary: The focus is to what extent the education system in Grenada and the Caribbean has failed students with regards to understanding the revolution. This is vital in that it illustrates how education is not value-neutral and in fact perpetuates an agenda that seeks to keep Grenada in the state of neo-colony. This has the further effect of subjugating the youth, as there is no (visible) model of empowerment that differs from the status quo of Capitalism. The research is mostly qualitative, based upon interviews with a number of students across primary, secondary and tertiary levels, throughout the parishes. The quantitative aspect relates to the number of students opting for examinations/qualifications in History or Caribbean History. The data condemns the policy-makers for their role in concealing Grenada’s historical significance, both within the region, and the world. It highlights the fact that this is purposeful, as CXC refuses to include the Grenada Revolution on either its CSEC or CAPE syllabuses.

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