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Chargé d'enseignement @ Université des Antilles


-- Chargé d’enseignement à l’université des Antilles -- Président du CORECA (Contact Recherche Caraïbe) -- Politologue au Centre d’analyse géopolitique et internationale (CAGI) de l’Université des Antilles -- Dernier ouvrage : Autopsie politique du massacre de mai 1967 : la Guadeloupe entre violence, terreur et résistance, edit. Jasor 2017

Geographical location : Guadeloupe

Research Area and Interest :

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Rethinking Sovereignty


‘La revendication d’autonomie comme alternative à une souveraineté improbable: le cas de la Guadeloupe’
Summary: Like other developing countries, the Caribbean States are experiencing a multifaceted dependency that erodes the sovereignty officially acquired by independence. The phenomena of regional integration teach us that contrary to the dogmas of legal doctrine, sovereignty is divisible and alienable. Dependency is part of this questioning of the characteristics of sovereignty by showing that the formalism of independence does not resist the realities of dependence, erected in some cases into real development strategies. Through the examples of English-speaking democracies in the Caribbean and the fragility of the Haitian state, this paper seeks to demonstrate the hypothesis that historically constructed political cultures contribute to dependency and the erosion of sovereignty in the Caribbean.

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